About Devchhaya

About Dev Chhaya

Dev Chhaya

Dev Chhaya Cottage offers luxury rooms and located at the highest point in Manali Himachal Pradesh. This cottage is on the banks of River Beas. Dev Chhaya cottage is a cozy retreat for those looking for privacy, peaceful surroundings with warm hospitality. This cottage is Ideal for honeymooners and those travelling with their families.
Staying at Dev Chhaya only, one can enjoy the chills of famous Rohtang Pass which is clearly seen on the left while the front view is of white Hamta Pass. From the cottage, one can enjoy the snow capped mountains on all four sides even in summers.

Surroundings- Dev Chhaya Cottage, same as its name is situated at serene, calm, unpolluted and untouched landscape. It is located away but not far from Manali city providing you all the modern facilities which gives pleasure like chilled water in hot desserts.

Vegetation- Cedar trees standing tall adds to the serene beauty of the place while the surrounded apple orchids give you opportunity to pluck and taste the fresh fruit.

Have an eye on Bollywood celebs- If you have heard of Kangna's close to heart newly built residence in Manali and have an urge to have a look, you can easily gaze at it during your visit to Dev Chhaya.

If you are lucky, you can also find another great artist /singer- Lucky Ali who also stays nearby and is often seen roaming at Kanyal.

With us one can enjoy living a Hippie life in the company of Manali locals as well as foreigners. Although the sophisticated ones will be given desired space.

If one is avoiding driving to Dev Chhaya, one can enjoy tracking on its amazing serpentine paths which become favourite of nomads, trackers and adventurous cyclists.

For the divine experience, Dev Chhaya is the place for you as you can enjoy meditation with us during morning and evening hours. Spiritual souls will not have to wander here and there, they can enjoy the darshan and prayers at Kartik Swami Temple which is located only a minute away from Dev Chhaya.

Our friendly staff would guide you towards famous tourist destinations and would also let you know about more such untouched areas to make your journey worthy and beautiful.